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Get 20% Off Your First Wash

Only for Basic & Quick 

Optional Extras

Engine bay clean - £20

Paint decontamination clay bar - £20

3 in 1 hand polish - £25

Wheels off wheels and arches deep cleaned - £60 (High temp wax applied to wheels, dressing applied to arches.)

Wax Coat - £15 (Recommended only after decontamination and polishing.)

Van rear-loading compartment cleaned - £15

Wet-vacuuming interior - £60

Deep leather cleaning - £40

Steering wheel filling and repainting - £60 (black coloured only.)

Wheels and arches deep cleaned stage 2 - £20

Stage 1 machine polish - £100 (Removes 60-80% of light marring and swirls.)

Back to black plastic treatment exterior - £20 - interior £20 or both for £35

Sealant wax spray coat - £5

Boot and door shuts deep cleaned - £25

Exhaust tips polished - £5 (Per tip.)

Outside basic clean - £20

Inside basic clean - £20

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How It Works


Book Appointment

If happy with your quote we can book an appointment for when it suits you best. 


We Come And Clean

We show up at your location fully equipped with our own water supply and equipment.


All Klean

Once we apply all of our advanced cleaning techniques. Your car will be looking like it just left the showroom for the first time!

Why People Choose Us

High-quality cleaning for a better price

Non-caustic (Non-Damaging), our chemicals will never harm your vehicle

Best cleaning techniques from experienced cleaners 

Book us when it suits you

Have your vehicle washed at your address when it suits you best

We come completely equipped with everything and never need to enter your home

We put heavy attention to the details of your vehicle, we want it looking like its brand new!



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Advantage 1

Expensive, average cleaning


Uses harmful chemicals that can damage your vehicle

Inexperienced cleaners who make mistakes

Driving around & Waiting in Queues

Entering your home causing a mess to set everything up properly

Rushes through cleaning your vehicle so they can get onto the next customer

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*Disclaimer: Emergency appointments within a 48 hour notice will require an extra fee. 

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